What eliminates nail polish bubbles, and cleans bad things?

That’s right:  Vinegar. Who knew?  I alway knew that it supposedly has thousands of potential applications, but I have tried two uses so far this week (and will be testing a third in the next day or so) that do not necessarily appear on all these cool lists.

So the polish came off on one of my nails, but the others were still ok, so I painted the offending thumbnail.  It looked good at first: I did all the things you’re supposed to do.  I did thin coats, waited a while between layers until the others were dried, ‘rolled’ the bottle of polish instead of shaking it.  As it set it became a trainwreck!  I have never had so many bubbles in my life.  Ever.  Poor pic below, but you get the idea.  It’s like one of those undersea bubble blowing decorations for a fish tank.  Sad.

So I did the research, and I was doing most things well, but I came upon a couple great suggestions.  One was to use rubbing alcohol on the nail first to pull out oils & such that can react with polish.  Since I don’t have any on hand, I kept looking.  Stubborn, I know.  Turns out you can use vinegar instead (white distilled.)  So I stripped my sorry excuse for a paint job off, and especially since my remover has moisturizing properties, applied the vinegar with a cotton ball, waited a few seconds, then dried off the excess with a paper towel.

Base coat… ok.  1st layer of polish… so far so good. 2nd coat of polish, a few teeny bubbles on my right hand, because I didn’t wait long enough on the second coat.  Topcoat, time for the real moment of truth:  MUCH better, pretty well bubble free.  I will definitely work the vinegar into my home mani routine

OK here’s my second run-in with vinegar, but seriously, it’s kind of gross.  I have two kittens, and one had worms (and therefore diarrhea.)  Well, his feces sprayed up my wall.. a lot, and my normal cleaners weren’t working.  Magic Eraser, Greenworks, nothing worked well, and I removed more paint than poo.  There is plenty online about cleaning pet mess from carpets, but not so much about getting it off of walls.  I found one lone suggestion hidden in a random question/answer, which I misread (go me), but it still worked very well.  I mixed 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle, sprayed it on the whole mess & let it sit for a few minutes, came back and used the spray like a normal cleaner.  It was AMAZING.  Got all the bad stuff off, and didn’t take off any of the paint.  Once upon a time I had a young artist finger paint my bathroom in poo and I had the same difficulty then, so I think it’d be worth a try on kid-mess too.

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