Iced Coffee

So my super simple iced coffee experiment was based on an article from The Pioneer Woman (which was based on another article from Imbibe Magazine), so we’re all borrowing.  I don’t have institutional sized containers, so I halved the recipe and made 1 gal.

I combined 1 gal of water and half of a bag of coffee in a pitcher and let it steep all night (they recommend 8 hours, but I made mine earlier in the day, so mine was WAY longer than that.)  Today I was faced with the dilemma of how to strain it.  I don’t have the cheesecloth and mesh strainer the article used… So I got creative(ish):  I used the basket from my coffee maker, with a coffee filter, placed it on top of a mason jar with a canning funnel to direct the precious liquid.  Then I filled my second pitcher whenever the jar filled.  I’m not going to lie, it took a little time to strain it all that way, but it worked fine.  It  also only made a little over 3/4 of a gal after it was all filtered.

Now to add my favorite things (I use sugar, a caramel macchiato liquid creamer, and a touch of chocolate syrup.)

Taste test verdict: Tasty, but definitely more stout than the store-bought mix.  I didn’t take into account that I use a very bold coffee mix, and could get away with a little less coffee when brewing (I will probably try 1/3 bag next time.)  Iced coffee recipes are normally kind of watery, so strong coffee isn’t a bad issue to have.

This afternoon, I’ll make my coffee ice cubes, not that they are as big of a deal with this batch of stronger iced coffee.

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